Electronic Solutions And Recycling - No Hidden Fees, No Hassle, No Excuses, JUST SOLUTIONS
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We hope you can find everything you need. Electronic Solutions and Recycling is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction - we will do everything we can to meet your expectations.
With a variety of offerings to choose from, whether it be breathing new life in to your old slow or non working desktop or laptop or other electronic devices or maybe just time for a upgrade we're sure you'll be happy working with us. Also especially for people in wayne county where the recycling program was closed we are here to help u with all of your e-recycling needs give us a call with what u need to part with avoid all those expensive e-reycling fines.  Look around our website and if you have any comments or questions, please feel free to contact us.
Here at e.s.a.r. we do our best to service all electronics, laptops, desktops, tvs, video game systems, car audio, we never turn down a challenge. we also do upgrades, modifications, and as a convenient service we buy used items, accept trade ins, and sell already refurbished equipment for people who just wanna save some money and skip the big box stores.
We hope to see you again! Check back later for new updates to our website. There's much more to come!
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